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May 24, 2012

Gemini CDJ 700 Review

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To read the full detailed article see:  Gemini CDJ 700 Review

Today, every DJ gear manufacturer wants a piece of the control surface market. That’s why Gemini decided to introduce now a versatile, fully featured CD deck. The CDJ 700 is a very appealing product with a look that recalls the Pioneer CDJ 900 — plus it has almost the same features and a much lower price. Let’s check out if the newcomer can compete with Pioneer’s leading products.

Gemini CDJ 700

The CDJ 700 is a multifunction CD deck that allows you to play tracks in different file formats (.wav, .mp3, .AAC…) from different sources. The deck is equipped with a USB port so that audio files can be read from an external hard or flash drive, an SD card port and, of course, a CD player. The CDJ 700 will also allow you to control any mixing software like Serato or Traktor. The deck also features a clear and convenient LCD touch screen display.

The CDJ 700 provides you with all the popular features you expect from such a product. You get a pitch function to adjust the speed of the track, six integrated effects, a real-time loop-creation tool and a scratch function controlled by an 8″ jog wheel.

In short, Gemini didn’t forget anything with regards to features, but let’s check out the quality of the product…


If you’re looking for a versatile, fully featured product, the CDJ 700 can compete with all other decks in its category. With regards to finish, the manufacturer ensures only the minimum quality required by the users. The only real advantage for that matter is the touch screen LCD, even if I personally find that it’s much easier to browse the tracks with the dedicated hardware controls. Maybe smartphone and tablet fans will find the touch screen interesting.

But the strongest selling point of the CDJ 700 is its price! For $600 you get a very comprehensive DJ deck — some other brands want you to pay twice as much for a comparable product. If you have a small budget and accept the few drawbacks mentioned above, the CDJ 700 is made for you!

  • Affordable price
  • Many features
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Jog wheel a bit too stiff
  • The touch screen seems just like a gimmick
  • Average-quality effects

To read the full detailed article see:  Gemini CDJ 700 Review

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