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July 9, 2012

Sennheiser HD650 Mini-Review

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To read the other conclusions and see the full review see:  Sennheiser HD650 Review

It’s Headphones Week at AudioFanzine and this Sennheiser HD650 review is the first one in a series of five reviews. Five different headphones will be reviewed by three of our editors, Los Teignos, Red Led and Will Zégal.

Los Teignos’ Conclusion

Sennheiser HD650The high-frequency range is so weak that I first thought the ones we received at AudioFanzine were faulty. I checked the problem and unfortunately the headphones were not faulty! Throughout the whole session, I had to regret always the same things: in many situations, the HD650 are not capable of reproducing important details of a mix, for instance attacks, reverb tails and other subtle signals. And although they give good results in the lows, the Ultrasone are a serious competitor in this respect. To keep it short, I don’t recommend the HD650 for professional tracking, mixing or mastering. For consumer applications like home cinema, these headphones will seduce audiophiles who will praise the “deep” lows and the “silky” highs while drinking a cup of tee. Unlike the HD25, which offer a lot of good things and are a real reference product in their price range, we can hardly find any positive features here. The HD650 are much too expensive considering their performance. Even for half the price, these headphones are still not a good choice…


  • Nice looks
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fat low-end — typical Sennheiser
  • No accessories
  • Ear cup cushions not replaceable
  • Where are the high frequencies?
  • Heavy — you’ll always know when you have them on
  • Bad value for money

To read the other conclusions and see the full review see:  Sennheiser HD650 Review

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