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January 7, 2010

Line 6 Bends Over Backwards For V4

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Line 6 Spider IV 15 Review

The POD inventor comes back – for the fourth time – with its Spider modeling amp range. This time around we deal with the small, 15-watt combo which offers six effects, four amp models and some nice additional functions for less than $100. So what about the sound quality?Line6 Spider IV 15

The concept of the Line6 Spider range is very simple: to offer the brand’s famous amp modelings in an affordable, compact, solid-state amp family and in all imaginable sizes and power ratings, from the extremely compact, battery operated, 6-watt Micro Spider (already tested at AudioFanzine) to the 150-watt amp head and the 15, 30, 75 and 120 watt models. There’s an amp for every budget and ear! However, the amp family is divided into two: on the one hand the Micro, 15 and 30 models that provide four amp models and six effects, and on the other hand the 75-watt and bigger models offering numerous signature presets by famous guitar players and bands.

Like the POD family, every new Spider generation provides better sounding amp models, so the Spider IV tries to overshadow the successful Spider III Series of 2008. How good is this new Line6 generation? That’s exactly what we’ll try to unveil by testing the Spider IV 15 whose very aggressive price surely makes all competitors tremble.

A 4×4 Amp?

Line6 Spider IV 15The Spider IV 15 looks just like any other Line6 amp, it seems like there are no aesthetic changes. Black outfit, chrome knobs and good manufacturing quality: this amp will withstand boot kicks and beer tossings. The only evident change are the preset knobs. They are not as loose as on the previous generation which is a very good point. In all other aspects, the manufacturer remained faithful to its usual standards and even if the Spiders have no killer looks, at least they don’t look too flashy and can pass unnoticed.

This is a compact amp, perfect for bedroom use thanks to its dimensions and output power. It weights only 17 lb. and it’s not exactly big (16.1″ x 15″ x 8.7″). It sports a top handle for easy transportation and reinforced corners to protect it from all the violence out there. The speaker covering and connectors seem to be sturdy. Just the way it should be!

Now let’s take a closer look under the hood…


If we look at how the market has evolved over the last couple of years we’ll notice that the price of low-range guitar amps has tumbled down while the quality has continuously improved. This new Line6 amp confirms this trend and sets a very high standard in the $100 guitar amp market. With its amp modelings, six effects, integrated tuner, phones/record output, and MP3 input it’s a very comprehensive product available at an extremely aggressive price. Some of its features are only average but you can hardly blame it. The Spider IV 15 is perhaps the first ideal amp for beginners.


  • Clean and crunch sound
  • Four amp models
  • Six effects
  • Integrated tuner
  • MP3 input
  • Phones/record output
  • Price


  • Metal and Insane channels
  • Tremolo cannot be synced with the Tap Tempo function
  • Optional footboard

To read the full detailed article see:  Line 6 Spider IV 15 Review

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