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October 2, 2009

Ibanez RG 2570MZ Guitar: Pure Prestige

The large Ibanez RG family starts to be å regular among AudioFanzine’s editorial staff. We first received the RG2610 with its single pickup, then the RG420EG-SBK “spider axe.” Today, it’s the turn of a “prestige” RG called RG 2570MZ VBE. What sets it apart from the 21 guitars that form the Ibanez’s catalog?

Ibanez RG 2570MZ VBE

The guitar itself is not the first thing you’ll notice about this RG. Unlike “ordinary” models, this guitar is sold in a wonderful flight case with red velvet interior and the “Prestige” and “Team J-Craft” logos on it. So what is the Team J-Craft? Ibanez uses this mark to let us know that the guitar was made in their Fujigen Factory in Japan. A “non-outsourced” Ibanez guitar like the old RG models manufactured 25 years ago…The lime body benefits from the famous “Strat-revisited” shape that made the model famous. So the body was basically inspired on the Stratocaster but it’s slimmer, and has a very slim, sharp and very low bottom horn that allows a smooth access to the upper frets, even for guitar players with huge hands like mine.

The finish is quite original–nothing new for Ibanez (just read other reviews). The “Vital Blue” matt finish with a rugged pattern recalls the texture of an old houses’ walls…

It feels pretty smooth under your fingers but its look won’t be everyone’s taste. If the “Vital Blue” is not exactly your type of finish (ha!), the RG2550MZ is a twin sister of the RG2570MZ with the exact same features but in a “Galaxy White” finish and an additional “Cosmo Black” pickguard.

Now let’s take it for a test drive…


Ibanez RG 2570MZ VBE

So, what’s worthy about this RG? It’s a very well manufactured instrument with a high-class finish, high-quality hardware, very good playability and a versatile sound. This versatility is its main advantage but also its main disadvantage because it will disappoint musicians looking for a characterful guitar… If that’s the case, changing the pickups will surely solve the problem. Considering the instrument’s price, such a customization won’t hurt your budget too much…

Compared to the RG family, this guitar offers lots of advantages, and its maple fretboard clearly improves note attacks. Taking into consideration that it’s a real Japanese instrument, its price is very appealing. So consider testing it: this guitar is definitely worth it if you’re looking for an RG– and to be compared to its cousins!


  • Perfect manufacturing and finish
  • Edge Zero tremolo system
  • Very easy to play
  • Stronger attack thanks to the maple fingerboard
  • Flight case included


  • Rather neutral sound, lack of personality when distorted
  • The center pickup can be annoying for some guitarists, depending on your technique
  • Finish won’t appeal to everyone’s taste (choose the RG 2550MZ instead)

To read the full detailed article see:  Ibanez RG 2570MZ Review

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