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May 31, 2009

LAG Keziah Jones Signature Electric Guitar

LAG presents their Keziah Jones signature model electric guitar.

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May 30, 2009

LAG Tramontane T66 Acoustic Guitar

LAG presents their new model T66 Tramontane acoustic guitar. This entry level model cost only about 165 Euros.

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May 28, 2009 Version 4.0 is launched online!

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A leader in multilingual online media in the audio and musical instruments domains, P.Bordas publishing group launched the new version of their site last night.

Following intense study of Audiofanzine, both as a website service and as a company, and in considering current membership and future objectives, the technical development of version 4.0 followed a complete overhaul of the website’s backend functionality.   This development was undertaken in order to support the rapid increase in traffic, solve numerous scalability issues, and facilitate the content management aspects of the site.

Furthermore, in version 4.0 there are several enhancements both on the functional front end and in the user navigation experience.  Highlights include:

  • A new fixed search bar independent of a user’s scroll movements on the page.
  • Unified member registration across all AudioFanzine’s sites.
  • A Rich Text Editor with all the benefits of a word processing software implemented in the forums and other community spaces (reviews, tips, news, tutorials etc.)
  • A revamping of the Classifieds Section Geolocalized for:
    • Sell/Buy/Exchange used products and instruments.
    • Offer or find employment in the audio/recording/playing professions.
    • Give or take music lessons (with the possibility to exactly specify which music style/genre)
    • Recruit a musician or join a group (with the possibility to exactly specify which music style/genre)
  • Thematic start pages for all the main ‘musical universes’ developed on AudioFanzine: Home Studio, Music with Computers, Guitar & Bass, Drums & Percussions, Electronic Instruments, DJing, Sound & Lighting.  When a page theme is chosen all content type is automatically filtered to display only content related to such theme.
  • A media Space allowing users to share their photos, videos, sounds, and other files (presets, documents etc.) concerning a product, an instrument, a brand or a category in the data base.

Discover all the latest developments on

May 27, 2009

Taylor – New Guitars T5 400 & 700

Taylor presents guitars from their new spring limited edition.

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May 26, 2009

Jackson Adrian Smith Signature Electric Guitar

Jackson presents their new Adrian Smith signature guitar.

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May 25, 2009

Wacom Nextbeat

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Wacom presents their Nextbeat, featuring touch technology and a wireless control unit.

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May 23, 2009

Making a Studio Pt.3

Making a Studio Pt.3

Sound is a wave, much like the ripples on a still body of water when a rock is dropped into it. The larger the wave, the lower the tone. Lower tones, known as bass frequencies, travel in wide long waves while higher tones known as treble frequencies travel in a tighter, shorter wave. Frequencies heard by the human ear range from 20Hz to 20K. Just as an indication, a piano’s range, probably the widest range of any instrument, is from 39Hz on the low note and 3Khz on the high note.

Plan de groupe A typical 1/3 octave graphic EQ plugin with frequencies ranging from 20HZ to 20K

Sound is measured in decibels also represented as dB. An average concert is about 95-100 dB while a heavy rock concert or hip hop concert could reach levels of 130dB. This is above the threshold of pain; so don’t forget to wear your earplugs which are designed to protect your hearing when in extreme sound levels. Interestingly enough, whales can actually produce levels of up to 180dB. It should be remembered that taking care of your ears is the most important thing you can do to prevent damage and have a sustained career. So don’t hang out with any whales and put some protection in your ears when exposed to loud volumes.

Plan de groupe A typical 1/3 octave EQ spectrum analyzer with frequencies ranging from 20HZ to 20K

Now let’s take a closer look at other aspects…

Commercial & Private Studios

The commercial studio is there to provide the ultimate service for anyone who wants to pay. They are out to cater to the demanding Artist. The ultimate goal for the commercial studio is to make a profit. Top recording artists have healthy budgets to get that ultimate sound. Many artists like the no hassle style of recording that the commercial facility provides. The premier studios will have all the requirements needed to have a smooth production.

Plan de groupeCherokee Studios [1]

The studio equipment is always the latest and most technologically advanced to keep up with the never-ending race for the most groundbreaking sound creation device. Commercial studios are constantly purchasing new gear. The elite studios will also have a collection of vintage gear as well. Vintage gear has a certain character that can only be reproduced by the older technology. This becomes a very valuable asset in achieving alternative sounds.

The studio staff is available for what ever any artist, engineer, or producer may need. High-end full service studios can accommodate any possible situation from a simple rock band to a huge orchestral string section.Most studios have interns or runners that are required to do anything asked of them. At any given studio the interns may be seen washing cars and cutting grass.

The assistant engineer in most cases will have immense knowledge of how the room is setup and be able to quickly reply to any request that is commanded. He becomes the engineers’ right hand for connecting all the microphones and patching outboard gear. The Assistant Engineers’ job is basically limitless. Knowing how to make a good cup o’ coffee can definitely come in handy. Sessions can literally go for days at a time, and the commercial studios are setup and accustomed to the long hours. The technicians are on staff immediately if there is a problem with anything breaking down. Studio gear is very sensitive and delicate, therefore is does breakdown often. Many times user error may cause gear to be not working at times and if the Assistant can’t figure out the issue then a Tech will surely be able to troubleshoot the problem.

Upscale studios will also have security and respect for privacy for sensitive productions. Even getting into some studios without an appointment could be like getting into Fort Knox. All great studios will also have reliable recommendations for musicians, engineers and producers if they are not already on staff.

Plan de groupeVillage Studios [2]

What to look for

Look for studios that have recorded records that are similar to the Artist you are recording. Simply pick up the records you like and see where they where recorded and by who they were recorded. You will be surprised that you will see many names recurring. Check the discography of the studio to see how much experience the studio has. If many hits were recorded there it is a good sign that the studio is doing its job. That is one of the best references a studio can have. The Engineer should be consulted to make sure that all the proper equipment; software and microphone selection is available for the style of music that is being recorded.

If everything is clean and in working order that signifies that the studio will also take pride in your music. Quickly overlooking that all the lights are in working condition on the gear and console is a simple way to see that the equipment is properly maintained. Changing light bulbs is a simple task. If that is taken care of, that is also a sign that the studio is on top of their maintenance. Polite and professional atmosphere is of up most importance to the entire process. Nobody wants to deal with attitudes. Remember the Artist is the only star that shines in his booked studio time. Seeking a studio that has the vibe or atmosphere that makes the Artist or Producer comfortable is a key issue in determining where to establish the recording process also. Many hours will be spent within close quarters so décor and general atmosphere is a main concern.

The Private Studio

Many Producers and engineers have their own private studio. It is common nowadays that the recording budget is spent on purchasing gear for a studio. The benefit is that the equipment belongs to you in the end. Another major advantage is that you will not be charged by the hour for studio time. Average studio rates are from $50 to $250 per hour.

Privacy and secrecy is much more controlled in a private studio as well.

Privacy and Setting the Mood

Keeping all sessions under a vale of secrecy is highly important. New music is constantly being recorded in every studio. It is imperative that this music does not fall into the wrong hands. If it leaks out into the public before it hits the airwaves it could lose momentum for a successful single. Even worse the possibility of another artist stealing the song may be a factor without sufficient security and privacy.

To read the full detailed article see: Making a Studio Part 3

May 22, 2009

LL Electronics – Oddulator

LL Electronics introduces the Oddulator, a scaled down version of their Rozzbox.

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May 21, 2009

Behringer DJX-750 Mixer

Behringer presents the DJX-750 DJ Mixer which features the capability of altering FX parameters in real time.

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May 20, 2009

[Musikmesse] Cakewalk Demo

Check out the action that happened over at the Cakewalk stand as they were presenting their new V-Studio.

To see more exclusive video demos visit Audiofanzine Videos.

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