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October 14, 2008

Egnater Tourmaster 4112 review

Egnater Tourmaster 4112 - AudioFanzineMaking tubes more accessible seems to be the trend these days: in the wake of Fender’s big hit with their 5-Watt entry-level amp, the Champion 600, and Line 6’s collaboration with Bogner to warm up its algorithms to the good old sound of tubes, it’s Egnater’s turn to come out with a product that has a rather aggressive price for this manufacturer, since the Tourmaster 4212, an all-tube 100W combo amp, goes for under 1500€ while their 4100 Head, without its 4 x 12 cabinet which sells for 799€, costs 1390€ …



Let it be said, for those who might not know, that wattage doesn’t mean quite the same thing for transistor amps as it does for tube amps. Without simplifying too much, let’s just say that in terms of volume, a 30 Watt tube amp can blow away a 100 Watt transistor amp. So, imagine what a 100-watt tube amp is capable of: endless fights with the neighbors, of course, or breaking all of your grandma’s crystal and plates with one C chord! Incidentally, you wouldn’t need a PA for a small concert hall (for a Stadium it would be cutting it close … just a little).

What can be said except that basically this amp lacks almost nothing. We could have wished for a lighter amp, but this seems difficult to achieve with so much to offer in terms of power choices. We might have wished for a footswitch with more than 6 buttons for more flexibility, or even MIDI capabilities. But that would be splitting hairs. The truth of the matter is that the Egnater offers, at a relatively nice price, an amp that sounds very good and that could very well be the only amp you’ll need, if you get past the transportation issue. Bravo.

Versatility, with its 4 channels.
The possibility of adapting the power to your needs.
The sound.
Very complete.
The price.

Not appropriate for metal (but with some good pedals …).
No MIDI connections.
43 kg (roadies not included)

Read the full review of Egnater Tourmaster 4112 on Audiofanzine


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  1. It completely baffles me that any amp manufacturer would design and build an amp that has more than one channel capability and NOT add the capabilities of using MIDI to switch those channels! Is this nothing but a cost issue?

    Comment by Steve — December 8, 2008 @ 4:16 pm

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