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August 26, 2008

Sound Techniques : basics of acoustics

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With stopwatch in hand, our perception of time seems straightforward. But in everyday life we’re not always watching the clock, and everyone knows that the passage of time is relative. It differs from one person to another and especially from one activity to another: An hour spent watching a great movie doesn’t feel as long as an hour in traffic.

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August 24, 2008

Ibanez RG420EG-SBK review

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It’s already been 25 years. You wouldn’t think so, but the RG model from our Japanese friends, Ibanez, first appeared a quarter of a century ago, and has since made its way into the Metal and shredder guitar hall of fame.

I didn’t know anything about this particular model beforehand, so I was quite surprised when I opened the case. Though the strat-like shape, the neck, and the hardware are standard for an RG, the finish was anything but typical. A spider web, at the center of which is a volume knob, is sculpted into the very wood of the guitar, and covers the whole body. The body is also covered with a rough black granular finish. After endorsing the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert, is Ibanez now endorsing Spiderman? The answer is probably negative, but I imagine that if he played a guitar, it would look like this RG420.

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Mackie MR8 review

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Mackie has a long history with monitors. The original HR824 monitors, now in MKII version, are best sellers and standard fare in many studios, large or small.

The new MR series that we’ll being testing are entry-level monitors, and therefore on the other side of the price spectrum than the aforementioned hi-end HR series.

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Welcome to Audiofanzine’s blog

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