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August 27, 2008

QuikQuak RaySpace 2 review

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There’s such a plethora of software reverbs, that an editor who wants to be a cut above the rest has to rely on originality. By allowing you to create any reverberating space you’d like, and to precisely define a vast amount of its sonic characteristics, for a reasonable price, QuikQuak RaySpace is a reverb that has a lot going for it.

QuikQuak RaySpace 2 - AudioFanzine

An original concept, numerous possibilities, complete automation allowing you to move your Listener or sources within a space/room, very efficient ergonomics, low CPU consumption and an interesting sound: RaySpace offers way more than its price might suggest. But you have to be aware that, despite the 90-plus factory presets (classified by type, very good programming), the plug-in needs a certain learning curve when you want to start from scratch. It is not as simple as choosing an algorithm, and setting the pre-delay,

reverb time and EQ… You have to tweak and refine each parameter, sometimes randomly, and the whole process is very different from the usual way of working with reverbs. For example, the EQ isn’t there only for small adjustments; it is essential for creating the final sound. And the interaction between the various parameters also implies a certain amount of practice. Luckily, the ergonomics are really well designed, and the various displays will be of great help.

In a nutshell, RaySpace is a nice surprise, and anybody can verify this by simply downloading the demo version from Quikquak’s site.

Customized space creation
Visual approach
3D visualization
Ability to move objects around within the spaces (Listener and/or sources)
Lots of parameters
Creative potential
Fast Impulse export
Undo and Recall
Low CPU consumption

Needs a learning curve
Loss of bearings – very different from most reverbs
Can’t handle all scenarios
High frequencies sometimes a bit harsh
No zoom in Edit mode
Only one automatic box shape (parallelepiped)
Only one global height
Only one definition of wall material

Check out the complete QuikQuak RaySpace 2 review.

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  1. Good work buddy, keep it up.

    Comment by rockwell sonicrafter — May 17, 2010 @ 2:38 am

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